Concept Shoot – Sunrise at Attersee with Lilly

For this Shoot I woke up at 3 AM to drive to Attersee & catch the sunrise for some photos. It was an amazing morning. The light was perfect. the sky nearly without any clouds & the mood just so unique. We did this shoot in early september so we could capture these late summer vibes.

Throughout this shoot I had a specific "storyline" in mind. I wanted to create the feeling of sleeping in a wooden boat on a beautiful lake & waking up with the sun rising. My aim was to transport a calm, moody and dreamy feeling with the photographs.

How do the photos make you feel?

Dare jumping in the water of clouds?

Attersee is just incredibly beautiful. Have you ever been there?

If you were wonderung... YES the water was kinda cold. But totally worth it!

What song comes to your mind when looking at this series? I'm curious. So let me know!

Love, Melli

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